What do our Customers say about us?

  • I believe any baker would be surprised at the increased efficiency they will get from GlobalBake. Actually, it is a great system for any manufacturer. Our savings from improved efficiencies has more than justified our investment in GlobalBake and we look forward to our continued partnership.
    Tom Wolf | Financial Controller | United Baking Company
  • "GlobalBake is enabling us to better control our operation."
    by Mark Baca | General Manager | Artimex
  • "The integration is really powerful, having the financials connected to other GlobalBake features saves a lot of double-handling. It has made life much easier. It is working very well for us."
    by Julie-Anne Cockburn | Sales & Administration Manager
  • "GlobalBake has also enabled us to more accurately track every day ingredients - it helps Artimex use these more efficiently."
    by Carlos Iguchi | Logistics Manager | Artimex
  • "What surprised me was that not only did our returns go down, reducing our waste, sales also went up as we better met demand."
    Red Hen finished 2006 with sales up 24%, 10-15% of which Randy attributes to the seven months they were running GlobalBake."
    by Randy George | President and Co-Owner | Red Hen Bakery
  • "GlobalBake has exceeded our expectations tenfold. There are many areas of our business that have been improved by the software. It has given us intuitive information that allows us to optimize donut quantities in each store to maximize sales."
    by Dorothy Schweitzer | Vice President | Mary Ann Donuts

GlobalBake ERP Bakery Software

GlobalBake ERP Bakery software helps streamline operations at wholesale, artisan bakeries and food manufacturers. Our Bakery Management system will help your bakery realize its fullest potential and leverage our unique baking tools to enhance profits, reduce waste, and gain better control. GlobalBake ERP bakery software is a single bakery management system for managing inventory, manufacturing, product development, customer service, accounting, sales management and forecasting.

This unique bakery management software is a proven solution for wholesale bakeries using simple artisan techniques to large baking facilities with multiple production facilities. GlobalBake ERP Bakery software is an industrial strength Baking tool which helps bakers:

  • Enhance profitability: Automate manual processes with the use of strong bakery management software to increase efficiency, improve quality, save time and reduce costs.
  • Gain control: Improve customer service with a world-class bakery software by simplify pricing and lot tracking, and speed up the Accounts Receivable process.
  • Reduce waste: Improve manufacturing productivity and inventory management to minimize waste, stales and spoilage.

Datapax Bakery Software

Over the past 25 years, Datapax bakery software has been chosen by over 2,000 manufacturing bakers and food processors of all sizes to manage their businesses better. The Datapax solution is still being maintained but is no longer being sold. Datapax users now have an opportunity to upgrade to GlobalBake ERP Bakery Management software with little pain. Why upgrade?

  • Improved usability: From navigation to analysis, graphing and reporting, GlobalBake is much more configurable and user friendly
  • Expanded features: GlobalBake offers more robust management of production, A/R, forecasting, vendor management and invoicing
  • Updated technology: The renowned Jade 6 platform gives GlobalBake greater scalability, improved security, and automatic updates


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